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As a female leader why should we replicate the same patriarchal format in the feminine realm? We have to open up spaces, so that groups can express themselves, promote equity. This is a major challenge”.

Pascuala Ilabaca studied at the Universidad Católica de Valparaíso conservatory. An accomplished pianist and accordion player, among her Chilean peers she has cultivated one of the most distinguished careers in music, both in Chile and abroad. Her work incorporates elements of Chilean folklore, Latin American rhythms and Indian music. She is a member of Samadi, an ethnic music group founded in 2005 that collects musical repertoires from Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe and India.

Her albums, all produced with the label Petit Indie, include Pascuala le canta a Violeta (2008), Perfume o veneno (2010), Diablo rojo, diablo verde (2010), Busco paraíso (2012), Rey Loj (2015) and El mito de la pérgola (2018). With her band Fauna, she has toured in Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, the United States, India and Chile.

She has earned recognition in both the national and international scene: most notably, Busco paraíso won recognition from the New York Independent Music Awards, in 2013, and British magazine Songlines’ Top of the World list in 2015. For her work she won the Pulsar Award for best female singer-songwriter in 2016 and a Top of the World recognition in 2018.


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Pascuala Ilabaca: Versión El Gavilán de Violeta Parra
Pascuala Ilabaca: Versión El Gavilán de Violeta Parra

Musical performance

Pascuala Ilabaca:
Pascuala Ilabaca: "Una mujer artista tiene que estar a la defensiva por ser mujer y por ser artista

Interview with Pascuala Ilabaca at La Tercera.

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