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Luis Poirot, the eyes of Chile

Saturday 7 November At


Writers and poets, actors and artists, politics, cultural heritage, mountains, deserts, rivers, lakes and even the earthquakes of Chile come alive in the photographs of Luis Poirot. With his lens he has captured the varied and complex layers of life that comprise this country, revealing the subtleties of both its physical and its human geography. In this interview, the eyes of the photographer and his gaze will grant us a point of entry into the astounding trajectory of a man who has devoted his life to revealing the brilliant and the opaque, the public and the private in Chile, almost always in black and white.



Imagen de Luis Poirot
Luis Poirot

Luis Poirot is regarded as one of Chile’s greatest living documentary photographers. His work has captured some of the most important figures and events in the country’s cultural and political spheres…

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