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Social rights: within or beyond the scope of the Constitution?

Sunday 8 November At puertodeideas.cl


Social rights, which are fundamental rights, will be among the most important issues on the table in the upcoming constitutional debate. Which rights can be established as social rights? How can they be guaranteed? Should they be written into the new constitution, or relegated to the government’s laws and public policies? In this round table conversation, four experts from different spheres of knowledge will explore the new social contract that may lie on the horizon following Chile’s historic constitutional referendum.


Imagen de Kathya Araujo
Kathya Araujo

She is a Peruvian sociologist, with a Doctorate in American and Academic Studies from the Institute of Advanced Studies at the USACH. She has published numerous articles and books, including El miedo a los subordinados…

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Imagen de Francisco Zúñiga
Francisco Zúñiga

Francisco Zúñiga earned his law degree in 1985 from Universidad de Chile, where he is presently a tenured professor at the law school. He holds, additionally, a Juris Doctor degree from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid…

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Imagen de Sebastián Edwards
Sebastián Edwards

Sebastián Edwards is professor of Global Economics and Management and the dean of Global Initiatives at the University of California at Los Angeles (United States), and he is also an honorary professor at Universidad de Chile…

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Imagen de Agustín Squella
Agustín Squella

Doctorate in Law from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain). He teaches at the universities of Valparaíso…

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