Between November 4th and 9th, Puerto de Ideas Valparaíso is back with an unmissable free online festival. Join us to celebrate our tenth anniversary thinking about the worlds of tomorrow along great writers, thinkers, artists, experts and scientists of our time. Wherever you are, Puerto de Ideas will join you.

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Martes 03 de Noviembre EN
Molo de abrigo

When the global health crisis forced us to shelter in place inside the environments we normally inhabit, we discovered that, in fact, we inhabited these spaces very little. The notion of the physical house was a spatial abstract...

Tuesday 3 November through Sunday 8 November
Jueves 05 de Noviembre
A journey of wonder through ten festivals

When we began to explore the Puerto de Ideas photography archive, our first sensation was that of standing at a crossroads, the intersection of many different paths that pursue the same destination, the same objective: to look...

Thursday 5 November through Saturday 5 December