Juvenal Barría

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Director of Judas Galería

What interests me is documenting the experience of simulating life, from a range of perspectives, starting with cross-dressing as a visual concept and transformation as a means for declaration and transgression”. 

Visual artist and gallery owner Juvenal Barría is co-director of the gallery spaces Judas Galería and Gálvez Inc., and creates art with photography and video. He holds an undergraduate degree in art from Universidad de Playa Ancha, and is the recipient of numerous honors and awards, among them the 2009 Critics’ Award in the category of emerging artist, for the exhibition Fictional Bodies, and the Best Exhibition Award for Galería Weekend Santiago 2018, for the exhibition InfiltradaX.

Since 2004, his work has been exhibited regularly in Chile and abroad. He has participated in art residencies in Bolivia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil. He is currently being represented by Isabel Croxatto Galería.



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